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£15k whopper at Foxy Bingo

Almost all bingo sites 2012 are having a grand bingo event lined up for bingo players in commemoration of the New Year. Not to be left behind, Foxy Bingo also has a couple of tricks up its sleeve with bargain bingo games at the start of the month and a £15 giveaway at the end of the month. That’s right!!! Foxy Bingo has announced a fabulous 90 ball bingo game with a total prize pool of £15,000!!!!

The mega bingo giveaway game is scheduled for Tuesday, January 31, 2012 – the last day of the new month in the New Year and exactly a month from Foxy’s whopping £31k giveaway. The new big bingo gameat Bingo Foxy will have the following prizes

  • £1,000 for the single line winner
  • £4,000 for two line winners
  • £10,000 for the full house

Tickets to this top online bingo game will come to you at £1, a wee bit more than what you generally pay for bingo online tickets but then the prizes are also out of the ordinary.

The price of the tickets for the £15k game at foxy bingo.co.uk may be a little expensive, but for those who wish to play bingo games online at bargain rates, must check out foxybingo.com today where the last of the January Sales, bargain bingo games are being played.

With a total of £5k giveaway from January 5, 2012 to January 10, 2012, bingo players at FoxyBingo have been raking huge profits for mere pennies. If you wish to join in on these 1p and 2p priced games, rush to sign in at BingoFoxy today. There is no time to waste as today is the last day of the January sales.

Enjoy your share of the penny priced bingo games here and get ready for the fabulous whopper of £15k at the end of the month on January 31, 2012. Happy bingoing!!!