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2 HUGE Jackpots at William Hill Bingo!


We recently informed you about William Hill Bingo’s escalating jackpots and we want to remind you all, that there are still TWO large escalating jackpots to be snapped up.

The normal jackpots at this top site has been changed to escalating ones and this is good news because it means that the prize pot get bigger every single day until it’s won.

In normal 90 ball jackpots at William Hill it normally has to be won within 29 numbers but the new escalating jackpots mean that the number raises each day until its won and that’s really good because someone is sure to win it.

Starting on May 1st 2012, there was 3 jackpots that turned into ‘Escalating Jackpots’ these were; 80 ball jackpot, 90 ball jackpot, 90 Ball Deal or No Deal jackpot and75 ball Deal or NO Deal jackpot alongside “ 90 Ball Money Mountain  Jackpot’ and this one was added on May 9th 2012.

The ‘Deal or No Deal Jackpots’ have been scooped up and were as follows below:

  • Game Variation: 75 Ball ~ Amount: £23,815.00 ~ Date: May 5th 2012.
  • Game Variation: 90 Ball ~ Amount: £39,629.00 ~ Date: May 7h 2012.

Escalating Jackpots Are HOTTING Up!
The remaining 2 jackpots are on fire with staggering amounts like the 80 ball one that is sat at a HUGE amount of £47,000.00 and you can win this within at 43 numbers. The 90 ball pot sits at a MASSIVE £67K and if you win the game in 31 numbers or under the cash is yours!

The 90 ball jackpot game is full of great surprises because once the full house game has been won half the pot goes to the winner and the other half is split between all players who bought tickets into the big game!

If you’re new to William Hill Bingo then not only will you be playing for HUGE jackpots but you will get a £25.00 bonus, all you have to do to receive this bonus is spend £10.00 on cards and you will get the bonus within seven days of joining this UK website.