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£275,000 giveaway at Bet365 Bingo

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Looking for one of the best bingo sites 2011 to play in this month? Then how about Bet365 Bingo? I mean, with a fabulous £275,000 up for grabs at Bet365 Bingo, this bingo site has got to be the hands down winner.

It sounds like bingo bet365 has put 365 days worth of bingo wins, in a single month for every day of this festive month. Sign up with bingobet365.com today if you want to be part of this super giveaway.

Every day there are fabulous bingo linx games with prizes that go up to £9,000. Three of the games worth £8,000 are 90 ball bingo games, so the chance of bagging a share in this prize pot is higher. For those who love 75 ball bingo, there is also a daily £1,000 giveaway scheduled at Bet365Bingo at 09:30pm.

That’s not all. You can start your weekend with a weekly share of £5,000 on Fridays at this site and also try your luck on the £6,000 game scheduled at bet365bingo.co.uk on New Years Eve at 06:00pm and again on New Years day at 07:00pm. But the pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the 90 ball bingo Super Bingo Linx game scheduled for New Year at 10:30pm where the prize pot is £20,000.

Yes, you get to celebrate the New Year at BingoBet365 with a share of £20,000. Sign up today at Bet365 Bingo and get going daily at these bingo linx games as you warm up for the mega session on January 1, 2012 when Bet365 is going to be one of the most popular bingo sites 2012. Here is the schedule for you in a nutshell.

Day scheduled Prizes to be won
Every day £9,000
Every Friday £5,000
New Years Eve £6,000
New Years Day £26,000

Make sure you fight for your share of the £275,000 at bet365bingo.com, every day. Sign up today and claim your share.