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£2k High Street vouchers giveaway at RedBus Bingo

Hop onto the Red Bus today as there are fabulous High Street vouchers worth £2,000 up for grabs at RedBus Bingo, one of the top bingo sites in 2011. Come one, come all; as long as you have an account at RedBusBingo, you can clamber aboard for your share of the vouchers.

Bingo RedBus has scheduled the game for January 1, 2012, so you get to ring in the New Year with your favorite shopping voucher worth £2k in hand. Just buy the tickets for £1 and go shopping for 2000 times this amount!!! All you have to do is bingo on the shopping cart pattern on the D-day and the £2k vouchers are yours to shop. Hey and remember, this is a 75 ball bingo game with no one to eat into your share of the vouchers, unless of course, there happen to be multiple winners.

You can also earn the £2k High Street vouchers without spending even a pound, with free bingo tickets to this fabulous game. Here’s how you do this. Earn special January sales points and trade 500 of these January sales points for a free bingo ticket to this game. And how do you earn these special points? Here’s how.

  • Get 250 points – When you write to redbus bingo about what you plan to shop for
  • Get 10 points – For bingoing on the Shopping Bag pattern
  • Get 5 points – By spending £1 on bingo games
  • Get 2 points – By spending £20 on instant win games

Plan your bingo games well at redbusbingo.com, earn your January sales points and collect your free bingo tickets to this game. Here’s a strategy you should try. Start with writing to Bingo RedBus about the shopping extravaganza that you plan to embark on when you win these vouchers. This will give you 250 points in hand.

Next, keep playing 75 ball bingo games at this site this month, to increase the chance of you landing the shopping bag pattern. This helps you two fold as every time you spend £1 on these games, you have got yourself 5 points and every time you bingo on the shopping bag pattern, you have got yourself 10 points.

Of course, this strategy only makes sense if you have an account at redbusbingo.co.uk. If not, it is not yet too late. Sign up immediately at RedBus Bingo. Remember, RedBus Bingo is not just going to give you £2k worth of High Street vouchers, but also can give you up to £2k in bonuses.

That’s right!! When you sign up with Bingo RedBus, be prepared for the amazing bingo bonuses that are to be showered on you. Simply make a deposit in the range of £5 to £100 and you will be gifted with a free online scratchcard that will reveal to you, your deposit bonus. Hold your breath, say a Christmas prayer and scratch the scratchcard as you can hope to get as much as £2000 in bonuses through this magic card.

Does the thought of £2k in free bingo bonus send your heartbeat racing? Then brace yourself for this one. There is also a daily £1k to be won in absolutely free bingo games at Red Bus Bingo. That’s right. Sign up at RedBus Bingo every night at 09:15 and play free bingo for a prize of £1000. You can get six tickets every day to this bingo game.

There is still more free bingo at Bingo Red Bus every day from 08:00am to 01:00am in the Free Ride room. So hop onto the RedBus today and zoom your way to mega bucks with these free bingo games every day, but don’t forget to make your way to the £2k January Sales on New Years Day for High Street vouchers worth £2k.