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A Fiery £500 up for Grabs at Bingo Street

It’s that time of year again folks – Bonfire Night!  As you are all getting ready to get those umbrellas and wellies out think of all the fun you could be having playing a great game of bingo.  Bingo Street is one of the most popular new bingo sites to hit the market and they have fantastic fiery promotions that are sure to turn your Guy Fawkes Night into one that you won’t forget!

Bingo Street is hosting a fab jackpot game of £500, if you have already made plans – don’t get your sparklers in a twist you can pre-purchase your tickets already.  Although the game is based on the flaming fun of old Guy Fawkes the game doesn’t actually play until the 3rd December at 9.30pm so let the anticipation build and dream of what you will spend your cash on.  Tickets for this Fiery £500 game only cost 10p each so it is a bargain by anyone’s standard.

Now for the prize breakdown!  The full house winner will receive a huge £300 and 1TG winners will each win a share of £150.  If you are waiting on 2TG then you will also win a share of £50!  Bingo Street also offer some great no deposit bingo games where you can bag great prizes – so if you would rather have your own Bonfire Party in the comfort of your own home Bingo Street is the place to be!  They have also recently change their sign-up offer – now giving players a huge 250% welcome bonus on their first deposit as well as the chance to shake the sign post for another prize up to £5.  If you are looking for a new online bingo site to join – you may be in luck with Bingo Street.

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