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Are you ready for Christmas at Cyber Bingo

Cyber Bingo, one of the biggest bingo sites is having a grand Christmas celebration, with a marathon of bingo games of $150 to $500 games as soon as the Christmas Eve party winds up, i.e. from 03:00am onwards. The games will have a minimum payout of $150 but can go up to $500, if you string your game along.

Of course, that does not really depend on you, but on the cards that you get. So sign up today at cyberbingo and get ready for some mega Christmas fun. The games will begin with a jackpot of $150 and this is what you will win if you should get the bingo pot on or before the 46th call. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for a long drawn out session for, $25 will be added to the prize pot at every call after 46.

Yes, every bingo call beyond the 46th ball will add $25 to your prize pot and it will stop only until it reaches $500 at ball count 60. So if you want to get your hands on the prize pot of $500, hope for bingo calls to go up to 60 at the very least.

There is also the Coverall jackpot at Bingo Cyber that you should have your eyes on. It is scheduled for New Years Eve on December 31. There are four separate games in this session that kicks off at 08:00pm. The first three games will cost you just $2 and will have $1000 guaranteed jackpots but if you are waiting for the mega bumper jackpot, then you will have to wait just a little while longer.

The BIG Game of $100,000 at cyberbingo.co.uk will begin at 11:00pm. Keep your fingers crossed as this whopper can change your life for good. The big payout is definitely $100,000 but even if you don’t make it so far, you can still net $15,000 at the very least.

There are also fabulous Christmas Eve party and New Year special bingo games lined up for you here. So sign up at cyberbingo.com today and let the fun times begin.