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Banjo Bingo

The name Banjo Bingo might definitely sound a bit strange to a lot of people, but there is certainly nothing strange about this website. The online world of bingo has now become extremely crowded. Not only are there hundreds of websites, but new ones are being constantly launched. In fact, every month we come to know about the launch of a few more bingo websites. Banjobingo.co.uk is also a new website, as it was launched just 2 months ago  in April 2011. It works on Dragonfish software that has already launched several casino and bingo websites. The promoters of BanjoBingo hope that Dragonfish is going to make this website too as stable and as enjoyable as the other domains.


It might be a new bingo site, but Banjo Bingo.com has certainly not fallen behind the leaders in making some wonderful promotional offers. The website offers many great discount and free deals as well. Security is never a concern – online gamers can transact money without a worry. The website uses the latest online security technology of 128 bit SSL encryption. Those who know that it belongs to a popular network are always certain about this.


Bonus offers at Banjo Bingo


Joining is free. www.BanjoBingo.com is offering a bonus of 150% on the first deposit made by any registered player. This means that, if you have made a deposit of £20, the website will pay you a complimentary £30 – so, you will see that you have £50 in your account. You can start off really low at the website by depositing just £1. New players also get as many as 1000 points as loyalty that can be converted to cash when they are ready to buy their first bingo cards. Subsequently when you are reloading, you get a bonus of 50%.


Other promotional offers at the website include the happy hour bonus, the weekend bonus and the refer-a-friend bonus. The happy hour is between 4 and 6 in the afternoon every Monday. If you are playing any of the chat games at this time, you can earn double loyalty points. It is lovingly referred to as the “Magic Monday”. If you refer a friend, and if that friend joins-up, then you get 5,000 loyalty points that can later be converted into cash.


Just keep playing BanjoBingo because every time you do, you earn additional bingo points – this is the loyalty program at the website. You earn points for every card purchased, for referring friends, and also in the chat games.




There is the potential to earn a lot of money at www.Banjobingo.co.uk. 3 times a week, online gamers can win £1million. The jackpots are also extremely generous at Banjo Bingo. Everything considered, this bingo website definitely appears extremely promising.