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Be a chat host at Rogers Bingo

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Bingo players are all familiar with chat games – the entertaining interactive game sessions with chat hosts and bingo buddies. While playing the chat games are pure fun, it must also be wonderful to be a chat host hosting the games. Have you ever wondered what it would be like behind the scenes? What if you were to get a chance to be a chat host for the day; how does that idea sound to you?

Rogers Bingo, one of the newest bingo sites in UK has got an entertaining and all new chat game lined up for you. What is the name of this game or what are the rules for this game? Well that is all up to you cause as it turns out, you are going to dream up the chat game, the rules, how the game will be played, how the rewards will be distributed and also host the game!!! That’s right you get to host your very own chat game and give away 100 BBs to the winners of your game.

These special chat games will be held on October 15 and October 16 in the 90 Ball UK Room 1 after which, bingo members can vote for their favorite chat games. There are two prizes for the top two winners. The second winner will win a gift voucher worth £100 while the first prize winner will win a gift of £300.

If this sounds exciting to you, then you better sign up with rogers bingo and get ready to dream up the most entertaining game that can be played for this contest. Submit your applications detailing the name of the game, the rules and how you plan to host it, along with details of the distribution of the rewards and keep your fingers crossed.

Only 12 applications will be selected based on the originality and ingenuity of the games. 10 of these contestants will be definitely hosting the game on the weekend in question, while the remaining two will remain on stand by to fill in the gaps caused by the absence of any of the scheduled “chat masters”.