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Best Payout Bingo Sites

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Whichever bingo site you visit, you want to know it has some of the best online bingo payouts around. You’re playing for prizes, after all, so you’ll want the best shot at winning some. We’ve put together a guide to payouts and RTPs here for you, so you’ll soon know all the most important facts.

Our favourite bingo sites with highest RTPS


Cheers is one of the best bingo sites for payouts, and they have a huge array of slots as well. With games including Fluffy Favourites and Jewel Journey, you’re bound to find something you like here. [Read full review]


With 100s of slot games available at Wink, it’s easy to find ones with higher RTPs and payouts. Look for bigger prizes as well, even for lower-value winning combinations – the more ways you can win, the better! [Read full review]


Online and mobile slots abound at Tasty Bingo, where you can enjoy Chuzzle, Can Can Slots, Shaman’s Dream and Irish Luck among others. Could one of these be a cool and successful game with big payouts coming your way? [Read full review]

What are payout rates/RTPs?

Whenever you come across a slot game, you’ll see it has an RTP value attached to it. This is a percentage out of 100%. Oftentimes, the percentage will be in the 90s, but some games have lower percentages in the high 80s, so watch out for those.

The higher the percentage, the better the return-to-player is across lots of bets. So, it makes sense to look for the highest percentages you can.

Top tip: look for the highest RTPs you can

Why? Simply because the percentage given is the amount the slot gives back in prizes to players. It’s a percentage of all the stakes made by players that are returned to players – hence RTP (return to player).

Here’s how the payout rate works:

  1.  Let’s say you play a slot with an RTP of 96%
  2.  Each spin costs you £1
  3.  The RTP states that for every £100 wagered, players could expect a 96% return
  4.  The player wagers £100 and receives £96 back
  5.  BUT… this is an average percentage reached over a longer time
  6.  Some players will get back less than this over time, while others will win more
  7.  Factoring in small and large prizes, plus any jackpots involved, means some players might win big from a single spin
  8.  Others might lose out even when they play lots of spins

The RTP is also calculated as a percentage of all the stakes made. This means you could play through 100 spins at £1 each and win, say, £50. If you then put that £50 back into the machine via another 50 spins, the same 96% RTP would apply to that as well.

How do I find out what my favourite site’s payout rates are?

Most of the best payout bingo sites list the RTP in the details for each game. look for the information on how many reels and lines there are, and what the betting range is. The RTP should be included there as well.

Some games list the RTP in the paytable, usually on the last page. Some software providers do this all the time, but not all do.

Top tip: look online for info if you cannot find the RTP anywhere else

You can always look up the name of the game plus RTP in a search engine if need be. For example, look up “Rainbow Riches slot RTP” or “Shaman’s Dream RTP” and you will likely see the info you need in the search results.

Are there caps, wagering requirements or other Ts and Cs to look out for?

You don’t usually see wagering requirements on slot games in relation to the RTPs. However, you should always read the rules for the game in the paytable prior to playing. Look at the minimum bet amounts too, as this will help you determine whether a game suits your budget.

Here are some other points to note:

  • Some games put a limit on how many coins or credits you can win
  • The limit tends to be high, though, i.e. ‘win up to 250,000 coins’
  • If you’re playing with deposit bonuses, there could be wagering requirements
  • That means you might have to play through your deposit and the bonus several times before you can withdraw any winnings
  • The same could apply to free spins on a game, given as a bonus
  • Always check T&Cs, wagering requirements and caps on each individual site

Visit some of the best-paying bingo sites today

Now you know the best online bingo sites for winning, you’ll know where to go when you’re in the mood for some slots entertainment. Read up on the RTP for each game and maximise your winning chances, no matter what you decide to bet. Good luck!

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