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Big Brother Bingo is a Top New Bingo Site!

January 2012 has seen quite a few new bingo siteslaunch and they just keep coming.  Today I want to write about one of the most recent sites that launched called “Big Brother Bingo”!

Big Brother Bingo is certainly proving to be one of the UK’s top Bingo sites. this may be because of all the buzz surrounding the TV show “Big Brother” who were on our TV screens just about the same time the bingo site launched and this has proved to be a good marketing tool for this new site.

This site feels like a breath of fresh air to the bingo industry because not only are they connected with a popular TV show but they offer some pretty BIG bingo bonuses too.

Some of the bonuses on offer are; Up to £20 free with no deposit required and a huge 200% bonus on your first time deposit.   They offer many BIG promotions with EXCLUSIVE prizes and one in particular was their recent bingo prize of a £3K share, if you guessed who won ‘Celebrity Big Brother’!

I think this site will go from strength to strength and has already had many bingo players talking about how good the bingo site is.   It is powered on Dragonfish platform but it certainly offers us something different to other sites within the network.

After playing bingo at this best bingo site and receiving my free bonuses I must admit I really enjoyed my time there.  I found the roomies to be very friendly and the chat hosts answered any questions that were directed at them from the bingo players, which is always a must on any bingo site.

I have played on many bingo sites in the past where the chat host hasn’t even welcomed me when I entered the chat room and I have to say that is not the way to keep your roomies.

If you’re new to bingo and you enter a room and don’t know anyone it is kind manners to introduce the ‘New Bingo Player’ to the other roomies and make them feel welcome.   At the end of the day if you receive a good welcome you are sure to return.

When you are making up your mind what bingo site to play at remember my pointers above and hopefully you will feel right at home playing at Big Brother Bingo.

BigTease Bingo
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