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Big Winners At Sun Bingo!

Bingo News Snippet!!

At Sun Bingo there are BIG winners every single day of the week and this online bingo site just keep the winnings coming!

January Bingo Winners:

  • Juneycannunie who scooped a massive £13121.5325!
  • Paul128 won a huge £1284.3824!
  • Linda52 took home an amazing £1000.0025!

Laura P, from Nottinghamshire

Laura was just returning home from a tour of 6 months with the Royal Navy. The tour was in the Gulf of Arabia. As she rejoined with her family she also took up again one of her favourite pass times and…. Bingo – Won a CAR at Sun Bingo!
Laura’s comments: “I play Sun Bingo online with my mum, so I owe it to her that I won the brand new car”

“I couldn’t believe it when my name came up on the screen, I had no idea. I’m one of those people that think ‘it will never happen to me’ and then it did, great”

“I shouted for my mum and told her I’d won the car but she didn’t believe me at first, she had to come and see for herself.”

It just goes to show you that you really can win some GREAT exciting prizes playing there.  Laura is proof of the bingo pudding!

Sun Bingo