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Bingo Addict Steals From Neighbour To Feed Her Habit!

It amazes me every day when I read more and more sad stories concerning people stealing to feed their bingo habit, there appears to be many bingo addicts out maybe much more than we know! It’s really sad as the people with the addiction can’t help themselves and the people they steal from fall short of victimisation!

The latest story to reach my bingo desk is about a woman called ‘Barbara T’ who cared for neighbour ‘Elizabeth B’ who is an elderly woman and the woman totally depended on Barbara to look after her and do her shopping for her.

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This online bingo player did start out looking after her neighbour with really good intentions, running all sorts of errands with the ‘Victims’ bank card.  Barbara started to take the victims money from the ATM machine to feed her online bingo addiction.

Barbara who had illegally taken the money and spent most of it on her bingo habit; we also heard it was around £11,000 that she spent on bingo.  The theft was only discovered after the victim realised she had no money in her bank accounts and direct debits were outstanding.

The judge said” It was clear she had not spent the money on luxuries but jailed her for 12 months for stealing.