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Bingo Boat’s Love Bonuses Blossom This Valentine!

Bingo Newsflash!
Roses are redViolets are blueBingo is sweet and so are YOU and that’s just what Bingo Boat are sayingto their online bingo players this lovely month of February 2012.

At Bingo Boat they are really blossoming by awarding their bingo players with roses and each rose is worth bingo cash!    The amount of roses awarded depends on the amount of deposits you have made.

Please View The Schedule Below:

  • Deposit £10 to £19 = 2 Roses and 30% Cash Bonus
    or 150% BBs
  • Deposit £20 to £29 = 6 Roses and 30% Cash Bonus
    or 225% BBs
  • Deposit £30 to £49 = 10 Roses and 50% Cash Bonus
    or 275% BBs
  • Deposit £50 to £99 = 14 Roses and 75% Cash Bonus
    or 325% BBs
  • Deposit £100 or more = 32 Roses and 125% Cash Bonus
    or 375% BBs

Top UK Bingo Site!!
The bonuses and the family feeling at Tea Time Bingo is one of the BEST!

Tea Time Bingo
Click here to Play @ Tea Time Bingo!

At this online bingo site they are speeding up their bingo boat when it comes to giving to ALL their players because for the ones who play slots only will receive a special rose too but they have to wager £100 on slots first!

Bingo Boat won’t rock the bingo boat when it comes to 75 ball bingo because if you bingo on the ‘Cupid Arrow Pattern’ you get 14 lucky roses free!
Will bingo boat rock or float your bingo boat? Try it out and see!

♫♫My Bingo Boat Song ♫♫(Ha Ha)
♫You shall have a bingo fishy♫
♫on your bingo dishy!♫
♫You shall have a fishy♫
♫when your Bingo Boat comes in!♫

♫♫Wins for the roomies my bonnie caller!♫♫
♫♫Wins for everyone, when Bingo Boat comes in!♫♫