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Bingo Caller of 99 Goes On And On!!

Hot Bingo News!!
I was reading an internet newspaper while doing my normal bingo investigations when I came across a story that caught my eye and it concerned a bingo caller who was the young age of 99years old and was still calling bingo numbers! (And here was I thinking I was the oldest Bingo person in the industry lol)

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The caller 99years of age has apparently announced she will carry on calling the numbers even though she’s 99!  Rose R has been shouting out the numbers for over ten years now and apparently commented by saying “I will keep calling them because no one else will or can do the job, and I will do this for as long as I can”!
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Rose R pulls out the bingo balls from the machine for the local members at a “Day Centre in Gloucester”.

We at “New Bingo Sites”  take out hat off to Rose and wish her a very well done sweetheart!  You are an absolute STAR to the world of bingo and may you have many more happy, healthy and prosperous years in the calling of those numbers in the bingo world!

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