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Bingo Can Make You Brainy!

It has been proved that online bingo isn’t just good for socialising but can give your brain a boost.

Bingo Investigators from Case Western Reserve University, Boston University and Bridgewater State University a group of healthy adults, with Parkinson’s , Alzheimer’s and other dementia illnesses that enjoy a game of online bingo.

The case studies have provided that when people play bingo on their Laptop/Base station PC that their scores improved greatly! Although sadly, the studies revealed very little benefits for the ones with severe dementia illnesses.

The other day a bingo player asked me how many tickets I bought, even though I have heard this question many times in the past it still makes me wonder why people keep asking this question because it doesn’t matter if you play 1 ticket or 99 tickets it only takes one lucky card to hit the Jackpot. Of course you have a much higher chance of winning the bingo game if you have 99 tickets compared to one bingo ticket.

I Nearly Won The Jackpot At Bingo!
A few years back I played bingo on a dragonfish platform bingo site and I had one ticket costing me £1, the jackpot was for £1,000 if you achieved the minimum numbers required. I was one number of from winning this jackpot but was a very happy bunny as I walked away with £750.00 in cash for only staking £1.   This just proves my point it really only takes one bingo card to win the pot!

My Top Bingo Pick of The Day!
Many sites out there are very similar to the one I won my jackpot on but the one that is in my ‘Top Ten UK Bingo Sites’ has to be ‘Bingo Hollywood’. Not only do they offer a ‘Royal 500% Bonus’ but they give away high profile prizes on a daily basis.

Try this online bingo site for yourself and I am sure you will love the ‘Red Carpet Treatment’.

BigTease Bingo
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