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Bingo Fan Wins £128,000 at Gala Salford!

WOW! Sylvia Sharp-Cardigan, scooped £128,000 at Gala Salford and is a life-long fan of Elvis and she is planning on fulfilling her dreams of visiting Graceland.

Lucky Sylvia won the jackpot and couldn’t believe her luck. Sylvia has been playing bingo for more than 30 years.  She plans on spoiling her family alongside her plans to fulfil her dream of seeing Elvis Presley’s home.

The grandmother who is a cook commented: “It took a few days to sink in that I’d won but now I plan to fulfil some life-long dreams.

Sylvia is splitting her prize money with her daughter Sharon, who was present when Sylvia won the full house on the famous ‘High Five’ game at the Gala Bingo club. She also plans to spoil her husband. Not only did Sylvia win a massive amount of money but she has also made all the other players at the club a lot richer.

The ‘High Five’ bingo jackpot means that Sylvia got half of the £250,000 jackpot and the other half is shared equally between all the other bingo players that took part in playing bingo in the club at the time the jackpot was won.  The other 105 players scooped over £1,000 each.