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Bingo Hall Held up By Gun Men!

Two men walked into a Bingo hall in Denver holding a gun and demanded they hand over the money from their cashier at Barry’s Bingo.

A security guard who jumped to their rescue was the target of the gun man but luckily the bullet bounced and hit the ceiling and apparently the guard was not hurt.

Witness Elas Frnaco Commented “The only one we heard scream was the cashier lady. She was the one that screamed and then we seen the cop who said get down,”
Furthermore she said, “He was just in a black hoodie and he had like a black scarf or something and his face was covered,” witness Myra Medrano said.
The attackers which are believed to be two men ran off after being confronted and it is believed they were driving a red jeep Cherokee. Later the vehicle was found abandoned.

This bingo hall has a security guard on the premises at all times but will be doubling up the security from now on. Detectives are investigating the crime.

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