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*Bingo News Alert* Babies Playing Bingo? Is this good or bad?

Recently, we heard that Club Rivers, in River wood, are offering bingo to children starting from as young as 5years of age. They offer the children a kiddie’s meal for as little as $5 each time, while their parents enjoy a break at the local club. What is happening lol Bingo is EVERYWHERE!

Another bingo club which offers bingo sessions to kids have $360 worth of gifts from Toy’s ‘R’ Us. This costs the kids $10. The club has apparently stated that they weren’t promoting gambling but teaching children numeracy skills.

Where would this stop? Can you imagine leaving your online bingo screen unattended and your 5 year old clicking on the cashier button and depositing all your bank money? Lol

Maybe your our children would become curious and think ” I like mummy’s screen better than mine” Ha! Ha! 

This might not be gambling as such that Club Rivers is teaching the children but in my opinion it will certainly put the temptation in our children’s direction.

I often play board bingo games with my children at home and I think it can be good for numeracy but will our children want to play online bingo when they become of age and be our next generation of online bingo players?  Certainly I think the social aspect would be  tempting for them!

While we are on the subject of online bingo, have you tried the brand new bingo site that launched recently, Robin Hood Bingo?
The site is full of ‘Merry Offers’ and GREAT bonuses not only do you get a £15 free no deposit required bonus you can collect coins for nearly everything and add them up and spend them on bingo! Deposit £5 and get £20 to play bingo!
That’s what I call a bingo bargain!

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