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Bingo On The Box Progressive Jackpots!

Being a BINGO player myself, I am always on the lookout for nice big progressive jackpots and recently I liked the look of them at Bingo on the Box!

The jackpot that caught my eye from the onset was £1K + Progressive Jackpot and how this works is detailed below:
• The progressive jackpot starts rolling at £1K and increases until the cash has been won!
• You only need to win the full house game in forty numbers or less to scoop the cash.
• The jackpot will go up by one ball every five days.
• The counter starts on the spot as soon as the game has been claimed.
• You can join in on the fun in the “Day Dreamer “room!

The £1,000 + jackpot sounds tempting but it’s even more appealing because it goes up by 1 numbers every 5 days and if you’re lucky enough to cash in on one of these big games then it’s worth hanging about playing the game as the prize money can mount up to a staggering amount!

Another progressive jackpot found at ‘Bingo on The Box’ is the £500.00 + game where the numbers will increase every three days unlike the £1K PJP where it’s every five days. This progressive jackpot can be become very substantial and is enjoyed by all!

When you’re a NEWBIE at this UK website you can collect a nice £15.00 free with no deposit required and a MASSIVE 300% bingo bonus on your first deposit!

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