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Bingo Players May Get Late Night Bingo Karaoke And more!

Mecca Bingo Club in ‘Olderbury’ plan to extend their opening hours from 11:00pm until 02:00am.

They intend to introduce ‘Live Music’ and ‘Karaoke’ amongst other entertainment. This can only mean that many of their locals can have a night out at bingo with GREAT entertainment along the way!

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This might be the new future in the bingo halls.  Will we dress up as if we are going to a night club and enjoy bingo and music like we have never done before? What better way to do this than having your bingo cake and eating it all in the one place!

But the main reason behind the move is to enable their bingo players to enjoy the arcades for a much longer time. Let’s wait and see how this all pans out!

Graham Murdoch commented by saying: “Their current main bingo sessions finish between 21.30 and 22:00 each evening but a proportion of members will stay to play the various amusement machines or other ancillary gaming and have some refreshments up to the midnight closing.

“As a result of the success of the introduction of a broader and later bingo offer at a number of clubs, Mecca Bingo is in the process of developing this further and introducing it into a number of their clubs.”

I can just imagine this, we all head down to our local bingo hall dressed to kill lol and play bingo, have a few Sherries and enjoy the thrill of the karaoke! I love to belt it out on the karaoke and I think this idea certainly has potential. Maybe it’s just what local bingo halls need to introduce and maybe we will be able to keep them open as so many have closed recently.

Who knows what this idea might hold for the future of our local bingo clubs, only time will  tell!

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