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Bingo Rush New Mobile App – Coming Soon!

When it comes to ‘free bingo apps on Facebook’ Buffalo Studios certainly have that special touch.   These are the creators of the BIGGEST game invented on Facebook called ‘Bingo Blitz’!

They are about to release a NEW app  that can be used by all mobile bingo players and it;s called “ Bingo Rush”, which is ideal for anyone who can’t get to a laptop or PC base station!  Just play the game where ever you may be and win for FREE!

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Many users play at ‘Bingo Blitz’ because it’s free, easy and you can enjoy some really great games in teams.  Between the BRILLIANT graphics, EXCELLENT community and TOP games, it’s no wonder it stands out in the crowd!

The new game ‘Bingo Rush’ will take all that’s good about ‘Bingo Blitz’ but add so much more making it even BETTER!  Some features will include; Exotic Locations, New Cities and the speed of the bingo will be SPEEDY fast, just like the name ‘Bingo Rush’!

To start off the new app will kick off for only ‘Apple’ products and the first country to receive it will be beautiful ‘Canada’!  It won’t be long thereafter that it will hit everyone across the globe!

The game is a free app but if you want to progress even further into certain areas, then you will need to buy credits to recharge your batteries!  This should make the company big bucks as buying credits for games are very popular on Facebook today!

Watch this space for more and exciting news concerning the launch of the new app! Will you RUSH out to buy it? We will have to wait and see!

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