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Bingo Sites with Best Side Games

BigTease Bingo
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If you thought the only games you could find on bingo sites were bingo games, think again. There is a whole world of bingo side games out there waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. In case you’re new to these games, we’ve covered them all here for you.

Best sites for fun side games


Bingo slots games are easy to find at Wink! In fact, once you see how many they’ve got (try over 500!), you’d be forgiven for forgetting bingo games even existed! [Read full review]

Bingo Hollywood

If you want a change from bingo, casino games are among the delights waiting to be found at Bingo Hollywood. That’s not all, though – aside from casino games including blackjack, baccarat and roulette, you can also play dozens of exciting slot games. [Read full review]


When you sign up or log in at Tasty Bingo, you can try your hand at several variations of roulette, as well as blackjack and other casino games. They’ve also got a nice mix of instant win scratch cards and slots, thereby ticking all the boxes for you. [Read full review]

What are side games?

Side games are other games offered by bingo sites alongside the mix of bingo games they already offer. They are designed to appeal to other players, and to encourage bingo players to try different games too.

We’ve covered a range of options here, so you’ll know how many side games there are to look for. Which games appeal most?

Casino games

There are lots of casino games around today. These are games you’d find in real-life casinos, and include plenty of table games too:

  • Baccarat
  • Roulette (different variations including American, European and so on)
  • Blackjack (classic, along with other variations)
  • Video poker

You can find live casino games with proper dealers as well as those played in the same way as slots, where you simply load the game and get started, playing against the computer as you go.

Scratch cards

Bingo scratch cards are very popular. They are quick to play, and often have several notable features:

  • Each one has a set theme
  • The card has silver panels to reveal, much like real cards do
  • You can click to reveal each panel or use your mouse cursor to ‘scratch’ it off
  • You must normally match certain symbols to win
  • Some cards might give you more than one chance to win something

Instant win games

If you love bingo, how about a spot of instant win bingo? There are lots of instant win games online and the onus is on discovering within seconds if you’ve won something or not. These come with several benefits:

  • Fast and convenient to play
  • Can be played while you’re waiting for your next bingo game to start
  • Short playing time means they can be fitted in even when you don’t have time for bingo
  • An instant win means instant money in your account
  • Scratch cards can also be called instant win games

Slot games

Who doesn’t love slot games? If you haven’t discovered these yet, you will find them on an increasing number of bingo sites online. Here are some of the main features you can enjoy when playing online slot games:

  • Each game features three or more reels
  • Slots have one or more paylines on which you can win with each spin
  • Some games have a wild symbol that replaces other symbols
  • You usually need three or more matching symbols on a line to win
  • If a game has a scatter symbol, they can appear anywhere to trigger a win (usually for two or more)
  • Bonus features may include free spins and special games on other screens

Progressive jackpot slot games

If you love slot games, go one better and enjoy progressive jackpot slots too. These work in the same manner as slot games, but they have at least one jackpot that gets bigger with each bet made. A small portion of each bet is put into the jackpot for one lucky player to win.

There is usually one combination of symbols that must be triggered to win the jackpot… and you won’t know what it is unless you hit it!

Skill games

These are games where skill affects the outcome. Some games are pre-determined, i.e. once you have chosen a scratch card, the order you scratch off the panels doesn’t matter since the result is already determined. A skill-based game might rely on one of several things to help you win:

  • Speed
  • Knowledge
  • Choosing a route, i.e. a path around obstacles

Why play side games on a bingo site?

Bingo is great, but being able to choose other games such as slots and casino games is even better! Sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a bit and find some new favourites, don’t you think? Stick with us to discover all the latest cool and fun bingo side games around today.

BigTease Bingo
Click Here to Play @ Big Tease Bingo!