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Bingo Street’s ‘£600 Carousel’ coming up soon

Bingo Street, one of the newest bingo sites and the latest bingo site from the Joy Bingo network is set to roll out its ‘£600 Carousel’ on September 18th, where bingo players can rake in a total of £600.

Yes, for just 2p a card, there are three exciting bingo prizes that can reward you anywhere from £100 to £300 or even £600 if in a freak turn of events, you turn out to be the one line, two lines and full house bingo winner.

This 90 ball bingo game is set to play on Sunday, September 18th at 09:30 pm but you can grab yourself cards right away through their pre buy offer. Load up on a total of 96 tickets which is the maximum that you are allowed to purchase for this game.

While the total prize giveaway is £600, single line winners can win £100 while the double line winner can pocket £200 with the balance of £300 going to the full house winner. The individual prize amounts will be split equally in case there are more than one claimant to any of the prizes.

Grab as many tickets as you can at this site to increase your chances of landing a win. With free points gained on every £10 that is spent on bingo games here, you are also increasing your chances to grab free bingo tickets to the much awaited £25k JoyPot game that will take place at Wink Bingo on October 30.

There is also an opportunity to grab £25 every day in free bingo games throughout the day at Bingo Street when you play the £25k Free Bingo jackpot. In order to qualify for the free bingo games, all you need to do is make a deposit of minimum £5 before 09:50pm in any given day and you are good to go.

So take a walk down Bingo Street and revel in the different treats that they have for their bingo members.  While you are here, you should also stop at the Superbingomarket where there are plenty of fabulous daily bingo games as well as weekly and monthly specials.

Everyday, stop at the Superbingomarkett and play for 5p for a chance to grab £50 in cash. The £50 Deal of the day is scheduled for 09:00pm but you can pre-buy your tickets. The cash prize is ten times more in the weekly special that is held every Saturday at 09:30pm where again for 5p, you can win as much as £500. £100 for getting a one line win, £150 for getting a double line win and £250 for landing all the three lines.

But the best of the superbingomarket bargains is reserved for the end of the month when the weekly cash prize increases by ten times again. Do not miss visiting Bingo Street on the last Friday of the month when the £5k Cash Checkout is set to play.

Log in at Bingo Street on Friday, September 30 at 09:30pm and get ready with your bingo tickets to this 75 ball bingo game where you will have up to five chances to win the total prize amount which is divided as £250 for a single line win, £500 for two lines, £750 for three lines and £1500 for four lines. The top cash prize of £2000 goes to the full house bingo winner of this 75 ball bingo game.

There are more bargain deals for you at the Superbingomarket in September. Every alternate Thursday at 09:15pm, the room is thrown open to all bingo members to try and win the £100 High Street vouchers. You can buy up to 48 cards to this game at tickets that cost you just 20p.

Remember, this is not the time to count your pennies as all that you spend here takes you still closer to grabbing free bingo tickets for the £25k joypot. You definitely do not want to be penny wise and pound foolish. Make the most of Bingo Street and grab maximum JoyPot carnival tickets.