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Bingo TV Adverts

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Love them or hate them, many online bingo sites use TV adverts to attract new players. Whether they’re sassy or catchy, these adverts often serve to delight or annoy those that see them.

Our Picks for Best Sites With TV Adverts

If you’re looking for sites as seen on TV then these sites will probably be familiar because of their bingo ads tunes and videos:

Wink Bingo

– TV advert or no, we love this site for its commitment to players. They’re all about creating an amazing atmosphere and a community feel. [read full review]

888 Ladies

– This site brings a cheery feel and ladies night tone to their bingo, slot and casino games. They’re totally carefree and their site is really fun as a result. [read full review]

If you want to play at either of these sites then read their terms and conditions prior to doing so.

Why Have TV Ads for Bingo?

Online bingo may seem like a strange thing to advertise on TV, as they might not seem like a good match to some. There are many advantages to a site advertising their wares on TV, such as:

  • Advertising a long term offer that even some players may not know about.
  • Building up brand awareness.
  • Letting people know about big or unusual games, such as charity or no lose games.
  • Improving the trust between potential players and the bingo site.
  • Increasing hype through word of mouth between viewers discussing a catchy or silly advert.

We all know that when we see things on telly, we tend to think they’re above board and might even check them out while watching the soaps.

Notable Bingo TV Adverts

When we think of as bingo as seen on TV, these are the adverts that immediately spring to mind.

Wink Bingo’s Dancing Dog

When this advert first made its debut, the rooms at Wink Bingo and beyond were filled with people talking about it. In the advert, we see a player winning big on a game and then celebrating with an Irish dance with her dog.

This advert has just the right amount of fun and tongue in cheek humour that we expect from one of the biggest bingo sites around. It also fits right in with our usual TV watching, especially when we’re getting our fix of funny videos from TV Burp.

It could be argued that the advert doesn’t really tell you all that much about the site, but it’s still great fun. All of the further information that you need is on the site, so it’s not totally imperative that it’s in the advert.

The 888 Ladies Army

888 Ladies is known for their support of cancer charities and this advert was one of their biggest triumphs. In it, singer Ashley Roberts addresses all the ladies out there and encourages them to take part in charity bingo games. She wants the viewers to join the fight against cancer through the bingo site, as they donate 10% of the game revenue to Race for Life.

This is a really good example of an emotive advert that sucks the viewer in and makes them feel part of something. It’s indicative of the community atmosphere that this bingo site has and they have loads of charity games throughout the year. It’s not 100% focused on the bingo but it is for an amazing cause.

We love bingo adverts and they usually encourage us to go and have a few games. Bingo adverts on TV don’t seem like they’re going anywhere anytime soon, so we can’t wait to see what’s cooked up next.

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