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Bingo9 or www.bingo9.co.uk is currently among the most popular new bingo sites from the United Kingdom. Though the game of bingo is not too old as compared to some of the others, it has really caught on in recent times, and the Internet has played a major role in this. With bingo becoming one of the most widely played sports on the Internet, thousands of online casino websites started to be launched, and Bingo 9 was one of them. But the website has managed to create its own niche ever since it was launched, and have developed a large number of dedicated visitors who won’t play bingo anywhere else.


Of course, bingo 9.co.uk also attracts a lot of new visitors as well who are lured by the prospects of good winnings and a lot of fun and excitement. The huge reputation and the good customer service offered by Bingo9 definitely play a role in this too.


Reviewing Bingo 9


The website was conceptualized because the owners wanted to present something that catered to the most demanding bingo players. The motive was to make every player a winner at bingo. True, like the other websites, not all players can make money, because after all, it is a game and someone has to be a winner and someone must lose, but the fun, thrill and excitement is so huge here that every time you play you feel like winning. This is what makes everyone a winner at Bingo9.co.uk.


There are a lot of game rooms at the website. You will find 90 Ball, which is the traditional game, and there is also the 75 Ball room. The jackpot amount in the 90 Ball room is £1000.


There are also a lot of free rooms where a beginner can enjoy and get some experience by just registering free at the website. Apart from bingo, this website is also a good place, to play many other exciting casino games like roulette, blackjack, slot machines, video poker, and there are some other interesting table games too such as casino holdem, casino war, mini baccarat and three card poker.


Promotions at Bingo9


The website is offering some very attractive promotions at this time. For example, when you sign-up, you will immediately receive a free bonus of £10 – the money will be automatically deposited to your account. You can immediately increase the money in your account once you have made your first deposit as well. Just deposit anything between £10 and £100, and the website promises to load whatever you have deposited by 300%. And the money in your account goes up by 100% to 150% each time you top up. There are refer-a-friend special plans and special deals for each weekend too at the website.