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Busty Blonde Adverts Bingo Portal But is it?

We were recently looking around Utube and came across a very funny bingo portal, which revealed a woman who was rather busty marketing what seemed to be a portal.  While listening to the advert for some 2 minutes, the blonde went on about what they had on offer but there was no mention of the site name, address or even any links.

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Some of the tags that were included in the video were; online, bingo, bingo games, bingo for men etc.

We have heard of an online website named BINGO FOR MEN and our little birdie told us that apparently the owner of this Bingo for Men site commented about the advert by saying

“While it could be pleasant for the average male to view, I would not use it to promote my site.  Although the online bingo is dominated by ladies the males are however on the increase.  If a man was watching this, do you think they would have been looking to play the game”? He very much doubted it!

As we all know sex does sell but would it sell bingo?  You can view the clip below for your own eyes to see lol Let us know what you think of the busty blonde and the contents please!