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Branded Slots on Bingo Sites

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Branded slots are doing big business online. It’s easy to see why when you play some of them, and we’ve got some recommendations right here for you to try.

You’ll soon realize why branded slot games are all the rage, as we delve into the details of these appealing games.

Best sites to find branded slots


He may be faster than a speeding bullet, but you’ll still catch Superman flying into action at Wink. This is just one of many slots they can offer, and there are other branded titles available, too, as you’ll soon see.


Game of Thrones is a big draw at Glossy, and the four main houses are all represented in the game. Westerton, Stark, Targaryen, and Baratheon are featured as icons, and there are four different free spins opportunities, one based on each house, too.

Big Tease

Go back to the classic Eighties movie in the Ghostbusters slot, featuring the fabulous green Slimer, Marshmallow Man, and other perks as well. The game packs in no fewer than three bonus features and an incredible five progressive jackpots to shoot for at Big Tease.

What are branded slots and why are they so popular?

Players love branded games for lots of reasons:

  • They provide a new way to enjoy a favourite TV show, film, or cartoon character
  • The entire game is based around popular parts of the brand
  • They’re usually packed with bonus features
  • The slot is designed to include familiar features, characters, and other elements
  • They tap into a ready-made audience of fans for that film or show

Chances are, if you love Ghostbusters, or you never miss an episode of Game of Thrones, you’ll try your luck with the relevant slot game based on that film or show, too. And you could be lucky in finding some terrific prizes while enjoying the game itself, as well.

A fine line: What’s the difference between slots with a licensing agreement and those without?

You may not think there’s much difference at all, but you’d be wrong. A slot with a licensing agreement has several key benefits:

  • It has the approval of the license holder
  • It can use accurate images, photos, and depictions of characters and people in the film, TV show, or cartoon
  • It is instantly recognisable as an official slot for that brand
  • It feels familiar to fans before they even try the game
  • Free spins and other bonus elements are often built around familiar themes
  • It benefits from strong brand recognition
  • A strong following is easier to achieve – and more players can lead to a bigger progressive jackpot if one is available

A typical example of a branded slot is the Frankenstein slot, created by NetEnt with the approval of Universal Studios. This is one of several branded creations from this provider. Others include:

  • Scarface
  • South Park
  • Aliens
  • Invisible Man

The Frankenstein slot is based on the original movie from Universal. It features the classic monster, and Burning Mill free spins among other features.

Let’s compare this to games without licensing agreements, such as:

  1. Robin Hood
  2. Jack and the Beanstalk

These are familiar to us, because they are based on classic fairytale characters. Thus, they do not need licensing agreements for the creators to develop games based on them.

There are several points to note about these:

  • Non-branded slots need to fight for recognition
  • They must have a good design to attract attention
  • They don’t have a ready audience to appeal to

However, you shouldn’t solely play branded games over non-branded ones. The main thing to remember is that the games that last are those that are well-built. A lack of features will bore players, even if the game is based on a famous TV show or film.

In short, design and development are just as important as the brand itself.

Our favourite branded slot games


Who will you call to get a hold of some prizes in the Ghostbusters slot game? well, just load it and you’ll get a chance to play the Ballroom Buster bonus, Stay Puft, and Paranormal Pick among other things!


The Superman slot is set in Metropolis and gives you a Superman wild, a scatter to trigger free spins, and a Save the World feature triggerable if you play the maximum 50 lines. Will you find Lex Luthor, kryptonite, or hostages behind the doors?

Game of Thrones

This is one of the biggest cult TV shows around now, and the Game of Thrones slot gives fans a chance to spin some reels packed with their favourite characters. Dragons, wolves, lions, and stags represent the four houses in the story, and there are four random free spins options, too.

Go branded with themed slots today!

See if you can find a slot game based on your favourite cartoon character, superhero, TV show, or film today. There are more out there than you might think!

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