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Brasingo Bingo

You have probably read about the expectation that the new bingo site Brasingo Bingo has been causing on the web for the last several weeks. Many people have been curious to find out what the site was going to look like, since it promised to incorporate bingo, casino, dating, and sports betting. Now that BrasingoBingo is finally open, we can deliver a preliminary review on it.

Perhaps you have been wondering what type of software the site was going to run on. Well if you are familiar with FoxyBingo then you should have no problem trying BrasingoBingo since it runs on Dragonfish and it also operates on their network.

When you first enter BrasingoBingo.com, you will notice that they have a heavy sports theme going on. Since their name already pays tribute to Brazil and their knack at playing soccer, the main color on the site is green with tones of yellow like the Brazilian flag. Even though the graphics incorporated in Brasingo Bingo are mostly related to sports, there are other aspects of the site that should be taken into account.

For example, when you give Brasingo Bingo a try, you will receive a £5 no deposit bonus. However, that is not all, after this you will be able to obtain 200% first deposit bonus. Stick around and all of your following redeposit shall make you a 50% bonus every single time.

Now, if you’re really eager to try the sports section, you will see that they are providing a bonus offer of 150% on all of your first time betting. However, the bets can be up to £15. This sounds very attractive for all of those avid bingo players who have been wanting to try sports betting, but perhaps were hesitant to do so. Just by logging in to www.BrasingoBingo you will be able to see the banner that states ‘Great Odds, Live Betting, Bet Now’.

But that’s not where Brasingo Bingo ends the fun. They have also included a dating section to appeal to more crowds. As a matter of fact, if you’re a bingo lover, who says you can’t find your bingo soul mate on this site?

In addition to the interesting sections of this new site, bingo players will be able to participate in their Freeby Frenzy that takes place every night. By playing, you will have the chance to win £200. If you decide to wait a little bit, be sure to try it out in July since they will be hosting the Summer Sizzler where there will have a £3,000 jackpot.