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Caesars Bingo launches fabulous cash giveaway of over £5000

Caesars Bingo, one of the best bingo sites has come up with a Christmas snowball promotion that promises to snowball to a whopping cash giveaway of more than £5000!! It is time to check out caesars bingo and play bingo games here.

To participate in the Cash Snowball promotion at Bingo Caesars, simply sign up with the site and play bingo games or casino games or mini games or slots from the first day of December to the twelfth day and you will enter the daily online draw for these twelve days where the individual cash giveaways grow with each passing day to reach a whopping £1000 on the final day.

Here is what you need to do. First of all rush to CaesarsBingo and sign up for an account. Then do any of the following:

  • Spend £10 on bingo 90,
  • Spend £30 on mini games or slots
  • Spend £100 on Casinos

When you reach any of the above milestones, you qualify for one entry to the online draw scheduled for the day the milestone is met. The daily draw at caesarsbingo.co.uk is as follows:

Date of Draw Number of Winners Individual cash prizes
1st December 12 £25
2nd December 11 £30
3rd December 10 £35
4th December 9 £40
5th December 8 £45
6th December 7 £50
7th December 6 £70
8th December 5 £100
9th December 4 £125
10th December 3 £250
11th December 2 £500
12th December 1 £1000

That’s right. The online draw begins with a £25 giveaway to 12 lucky players and will snowball to a whopping £1000 while the number of winner dwindles to just one on the final day.

Caesars Bingo is one of the best bingo sites in UK that offer a range of fabulous promotions, every month. If you are an avid bingo fan, then you need to sign up with caesarsbingo.com where you can expect some really fantastic bingo giveaways.