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Coin Quest at Harrys Bingo

Its raining coins at Harrys Bingo. Yes, that’s right. The site has launched its coin quest where every time you log in at the site, wager on bingo games or make a deposit, you are rewarded with coins. And what will the coins do for you? Well, these coins can be exchanged for real cash at harrysbingo.co.uk

One of the new bingo sites, Bingo Harrys has a great new promotion that will bring you real cash in exciting rewards. Sign up today at the site and begin collecting your coins right away.

To collect your share of coins you need to log in every day for the rest of the month and every day from December 1 to December 31. With each login you will be rewarded with coins. The number of coins that you get will correspond to your total logins from day one. For e.g. you start today and get one coin today. Log in tomorrow and get two coins while the third consecutive day will bring you three additional coins.

Keep in mind that you must log in every day. If you fail to log in on a particular day your coin counter will reset to 1 and will treat your next subsequent log in as day 1 with just 1 coin that day followed by two coins on day 2 all over again.

You can also collect coins on your deposits. Here is how the coins will be distributed.

Deposit amount                      Coins earned

£10 – £19                                            2

£20 – £29                                             6

£30 – £49                                             12

£50 – £99                                             18

£100 – £199                                         30

£200 & above                                      50

Additionally, wager £15 in online bingo games or £30 in online slots and instant games at Harrys Bingo to get 1 coin each.

When you collect over a 100 coins, you can trade them for free cash as well as climb up the elite club levels. Head over to HarrysBingo today and collect your free coins. Also don’t forget to collect your no deposit bingo bonus of £15 free when you sign up for an account at this site.