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Costa Bingo Slots Winter Olympics Tournament Offers £2,500!

Yippee, 2012 is here and with the New Year brings loads of new promotions and that’s exactly what ‘Costa Bingo’ is bringing you in the form of an ‘Olympic Competition. This takes me back to when I was little (Not that long ago lol) to the day I fell while in the middle of competing for my school sports tournament. (Those were the day’s lol)

Costa Bingos big game is called “Slots Winter Olympics” and has 3 races that you can take part in and they end on January 22nd 2012.  The game lasts on different length time. Game 1 will last for three days, Game 2 will be 5 days and game 3 will be 10 days.

How to win at Costa Bingo Olympics:

  • Earn Olympic points
  • £1 wagered on slots = I Olympic point
  • Get your name to the top of the leader board
  • Prize: £2,500 real cash just waiting to be won

Get your skates on today and I’ll race you to Costa Bingo rooms, let’s hope I don’t trip up on the way! Lol.