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Disney holiday freebie from Jackpot Bingo

Jackpot Bingo has a fantastic bingo jackpot lined up where you can win a fantastic Disney family holiday in Florida for a good seven days. Clearly this is one of the best bingo promotions online but the best part is that you can play bingo for free to win this fabulous giveaway at Jackpot  Bingo.

Sign up today at Bingo Jackpot if you feel like a holiday. You can win this family holiday by playing online bingo at this bingo site. By the way the actual bingo game is scheduled only for August 31, 2012 at 10:00pm in a special online bingo room – the BingOlympics at jackpotbingo. So why are we telling you about this, so early on?

Well as it turns out there are no online bingo tickets for purchase to what is clearly one of the best online bingo games in recent times. The only way you get to play this game at jackpot bingo.com is by winning free bingo cards.

Sign up at jackpotbingo.co.uk and win free bingo tickets to this fabulous promotion. All you have to do is refer a friend or else play online bingo games worth £1,000 at this site or play online slots or instant win games worth £6,000. Each of these actions will earn you one free bingo ticket.

While that is the general way to earn your free bingo cards to this fabulous game, Jackpot Bingo will also announce special additional ways of earning your free tickets. For instance, the current offer is that you play in the Mag Sensations room every night at 10:00pm and if you get a full house bingo, you will win three free bingo cards to this special online bingo game!!!

Though everyone will have their eyes on the top bingo prize of a family holiday of seven days to DisneyWorld in Florida, there are also several other prizes in this five line 75 ball bingo game. The other prizes include cash rewards of £250, £500, £1,000 and £1,500 as well as thousands of loyalty points for 1TG and 2TG players.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today at Bingo Jackpot and start collecting your bingo tickets. You can collect up to 19 free bingo tickets every month, giving you a total of 95 free bingo cards to one of the best bingo games online.