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Don’t Let the Dinners Put you Off – Get Back2School Bingo!

Ok – so I have heard many a person say the likes of “I wouldn’t go back to school if they paid me” – but that is precisely what Back2School Bingo are doing:  still wouldn’t go back?

Paying Back2School bingo a visit, you will see that you get a fantastic little £1 absolutely free so that you can play no deposit bingo as a little school-time treat, but don’t spend it all in the tuck shop – head to their excellent promotions page and take your pick!  The menu has changed somewhat since you were in school: gone are the cold sausage rolls and the lumpy custard – you can choose from delicious £5031 Halloween Giveaway playing from October 24h until the creepy Halloween night!  Or how does a Free Bingo Bonus sound?  More appetising than that soggy tuna sandwich I’m sure!  In this promo you will be open to winning a tantalizing free £10 just for being the most avid bingo player in school!

You may have been a little rebel at school but here’s your chance to win the gold stars you always wanted!  Back2School Bingo offer gold stars in the form of loyalty points to their most best behaved pupils.  All you have to do is attend school regularly and you’ll be given spades of lovely points to redeem for cash which can be spent however you wish!

Once you decide that you love school far more than you remembered and want to deposit, there’s a fantastic 200% welcome bonus in it for you and a further 25% bonus on all deposits after that – I don’t remember school being THIS much fun!  They even have some fun little scratchcards that you could enjoy at break time!