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Easter Shopping basket worth £3k at 888Ladies

Ladies, ladies, ladies, it’s time to plan your shopping strategy for some special Easter treats and what better way to do it than play online bingo games at 888Ladies Bingo, specifically the £3k Easter basket of supermarket vouchers that is coming up for grabs on April 8, 2012.

That’s right. There’s up to £3000 to grab in this fabulous online bingo promotion at one of the best bingo sites, 888Ladies bingo. You might be wondering why we are informing you way ahead of the scheduled bingo online game. Well, here’s the reason why. You can grab many free bingo tickets if you strategize your bingo schedule and play online bingo games at Bingo 888Ladies even before the scheduled Easter whopper.

First, let me give more details of one of the best online bingo games this year as I am sure you are dying to know how the total bingo prize pool is going to be divided. This 90 ball bingo game will have three bingo prizes. And they are as follows:

–         Single line winner will get supermarket vouchers worth £500

–         Two line winner will get supermarket vouchers worth £1000

–         Full house will get a total of £1500 worth of supermarket vouchers

Here is how to play online bingo at 888ladies bingo.co.uk in order to secure the maximum numbers of points that will give you access to the maximum free bingo tickets to this fabulous 90 ball bingo game lined up for you on Easter Day.

Action Plan Points Chart
Email 888Ladies and let them in on how your Easter can be made fabulous Get 250 points
Bingo on some select patterns such as shopping card, Letter E or the Magic Rabbit Get 10 points
Play online bingo games worth £1 Get 8 points
Play instant games worth £20 Get, 2 points

The more you play online bingo games at 888ladiesbingo, the more bingo points you can collect. When your total count of supermarket points at 888 Ladies Bingo reaches 500, you will get one free bingo card to this fabulous game. With the game scheduled only on April 8, 2012, you will get plenty of time to collect your free bingo points to win as many free bingo cards as you can.

You can keep track of the supermarket points that you have collected easily when you log into the members page at Bingo888Ladies.

Also look out for the fabulous weekend bingo sessions where there are chances of winning even more free bingo cards to this online bingo game at 888ladiesbingo.com. Golden ticket weekends have also been planned at 888 ladies bingo. What’s golden ticket weekends, you are thinking?

Well, Golden ticket weekends are weekend online bingo games where if you bingo on the golden ticket pattern, you can earn 1 free bingo card to the April 08, 2012’s £3k supermarket vouchers whopper. So keep a watch for the special weekends in between.

Don’t worry ladies; Bingo 888 ladies will inform the online bingo players of the Golden Ticket weekends through mailers as well as through announcements in the site. So make sure you keep track of when the elusive golden ticket appears.

Even if you are unable to grab your share of bingo for free tickets to this game, you can easily purchase them for just £1 at 888ladiesbingo.com. Sign up today and get ready to play online bingo at one of the best bingo sites 2012.

Remember, the £3k Easter basket of supermarket vouchers game is scheduled only on Easter day at 09:00pm after which, there will also be the regular hour long After Party celebrations with plenty of online bingo games. Play bingo online games ranging from 5p to £1 and also your favorite chat games at 888ladiesbingo.com to collect double chat points.