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Enjoy special pirate themed games at 888 Ladies

888Ladies have always been in the forefront of bingo promotions, encouraging frenzied bingo action by its list of members. This new entrant among the paypal bingo sites has in store a treat for its bingo members with an exciting range of chat games.

On this bank holiday it is time to raid the bank. Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime as you sail across looking for buried treasure. From August 25 to August 29, 888Ladies brings to you an adrenaline filled exciting life of a buccaneer with special pirate themed chat and instant games.

X always marks the spot in the maps of buried treasure. So, if you have a map that clearly has a letter X, then you’ve got yourself a winner. At 888Ladies, bingo on the letter ‘X’ or wager the most on the Pirates Gold Multiplier game to win yourself £15 in bingo bonus or £15 cash respectively.

Pirates of 888Ladies, keep your eyes open for the ship that contains £100 worth of Beaverbrooks Jewellery vouchers. To win this special prize, you have to have the cards that will reveal the diamond pattern. While one of the winners will be the one to bingo the most on this pattern, the other lucky winner of the jewelry vouchers will be the one to wager the most on the Mermaids Pearl instant game.

Do you want to grab your hands on some extra loyalty points? Then, this calls for some masquerading. Dress up as a pirate, click your photo and forward it to 888Ladies before August 29. The best two pictures will be awarded 10,000 loyalty points.

If you are looking for more pirate action, then check out the instant game, Sands of Fortune. The top three bingo players to land the sailing ship patterns and the top three wagerers of this game stand to win a share from a prize pool of £45 for each category. There is also an additional 80% deposit bonus for the first prize winners of both categories.