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Enjoy your bingo tryst with Sun Bingo sister site – Fabulous Bingo

Sun Bingo is one of the top bingo brands, associated as it is with the Sun magazine. While the site is definitely one of the biggest bingo names, Sun Bingo sister sites are also able to hold their own in the midst of leading bingo sites.
Till recently sun bingo sister sites constituted of the popular News of the World Bingo site, associated with the NOTW newspaper. However with the closing of this site, another new bingo site has sprouted to share space as a sister site of Sun Bingo – Fabulous Bingo.

Most of the new sites coming out today have to start from scratch to build its reputation. However, with FabulousBingo, their association with Sun Bingo, one of the most popular bingo sites in town, had made its success certain.

When NOTW Bingo closed shop, its member accounts were migrated to Sun Bingo. Thus bingo members were reassured that when there are sister bingo sites available, members can always hope to be taken care of, in case of crisis situation.

As Bingo Fabulous now joins the ranks as a sister site to Sun Bingo, it had no trouble reeling in customers. While this may be partly because it is among Sun Bingo sister sites, the site in itself is nothing less than spectacular.

All the new players coming to fabulous bingo get a 200% bonus on their first deposit on the site and the second deposits also qualify for a 50% redeposit bonus. Moreover there are plenty of exciting promotions that bingo lovers are sure to enjoy here.

The Daily Pleasures, based on the site’s slot game Guilty Pleasures, is Fabulous Bingo’s very own daily free game to its players. There is also a chance to bag a £750 cash prize from these free games at the site. In addition, playing at FabulousBingo.Co.Uk, you have the chance to win magnificent holidays to both London and New York.

With two 90-ball rooms, an 80-ball bingo room and a 52 card Snap room for tickets as low as 5p, 10p and 50p and a selection of some of the popular slots such as Diamond Bonanza, Houdini and Double Bubble available at Fabulous Bingo, everyone looking for an abundantly fun filled and elegant site needs to look no further than Sun Bingo’s new sister site, Fabulous Bingo.