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Fairys Bingo

Quite frankly, there are already countless bingo websites out there on the Internet. So what can a new Bingo site add in terms of offerings and promotions that’s not available already to all those online gamers and bingo aficionados? Apparently quite a lot, if the early reports on Fairys Bingo are to be believed. FairysBingo or FairysBingo.com is not yet launched, but the pre-launch promotions that are being carried out by the company at this time certainly appear extremely promising. In fact, very few bingo websites have been so widely discussed by the online gaming community, even before it is available, like this one.

Software behind the Website

According to the early reports that are coming in, Fairies Bingo is going to be powered by the Dragonfish software, which is the leading such software based out of Gibraltar in Antigua. Dragonfish, a division of the 888 Corporation, is already hugely popular among casino and bingo websites. The company has associations with several bingo domains and makes them run smoothly. Dragonfish makes the websites user-friendly and the experience smooth. There is no hitch ever – right from the registration, to the game rooms, the live interactions, jackpots, and ultimately the payouts. So, it is widely believed that Fairys Bingo on Dragonfish software is going to run smoothly as well.

Promotions and Offers at Fairy’s Bingo

Since the website has not been launched as yet, we do not have much information as of now. However, it has already made some offers in the pre-launch marketing campaigns. For example, we know that this is going to be a no-deposit bingo website. In other words, on registration, each person will be paid a £5 bonus, with which the person can start playing at the various bingo rooms. If you win with this money (which you very well may), then you can roll it back to the room and keep playing for fun or to win even more money.

Once you are ready to make the first deposit, and actually make the payment at www.FairysBingo, the website adds a 150% bonus on the first deposit. The bonus is added directly to your account.

At this time, you can register at the website of FairysBingo. Just enter your name and email address at the Home page, and you will receive the email immediately with the confirmation link. Click this link and you can begin to receive e-newsletters at your email address. These newsletters will inform you about the special pre-launch deals and the date when the Fairys Bingo website is going to be launched.

It is good to begin early at a bingo or casino website. There won’t be that many players to start with, and so the competition is going to be less. You thus have a better chance of hitting the jackpot.