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Fancy a Caribbean holiday? Play at Fancy Bingo

White Christmas is what makes for a real Christmassy feel. But if you do not like the cold, then probably you should plan a holiday to the warmer climates. So do you fancy a holiday in the Caribbean? Then play at Fancy Bingo this Christmas and you just might get your Christmas wish fulfilled.

Fancy Bingo, known as one of the top bingo sites with penny priced bingo tickets, has lined up one of its exclusive bingo games for bingo players on Christmas. To play this game, you will have to buy your tickets for £5 per ticket. A little expensive for Bingo Fancy, isn’t it? But then the prize for this game is quite something – A holiday for two to the Caribbean.

Stay at a beachfront 5 star hotel that has among other facilities, a spa, tennis and badminton court, a total of eight restaurants and a selection of four swimming pools if you do not feel like a beach dip. WOW!! And this amazing holiday for two can be yours, for just £5 a bingo ticket. Now it doesn’t seem too expensive, does it?

So sign up today at fancy bingo.co.uk and get ready to play the game on December 25, 2011 at 06:00pm as an xmas special bingo game. You can collect as many as 96 tickets to this 75 ball bingo games or get some free bingo tickets. Here is what you have to do to win free tickets at FancyBingo.

  • Play Bingo for £1 and get 5 points
  • Play Instant Games for £1 and get 5 points
  • Win a bingo game and get 50 points
  • Bingo on the ‘Sun’ pattern and get1,000 points
  • Bingo on the number 25 and get 1,000 points

With 1000 points in your kitty before December 21, you can get one free bingo ticket and to win the mesmerizing holiday, you have to be the first to bingo on the Sun pattern. After all, what better symbol can describe a sunny Caribbean holiday?

The holiday package from Thomas Cook is scheduled for January 18, 2012, so you can soak up in the sun and warm up your frozen bones in the New Year. So, sign up at fancybingo.com today and pray for a sunny Caribbean holiday, this Christmas.