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First Deposit Bingo Bonus

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Usually one of the first rewards players can reap when they join a bingo site is a first deposit bonus. This bonus is relatively common and is awarded at most, though not all bingo sites, and is a great deal to take advantage of to explore the new site you have just joined.

What is a first deposit bonus?

The clue here is in the name – a first deposit bingo bonus is essentially a bonus amount which is paid out on top of your first deposit to a bingo site. The way the bonus is awarded is often in terms of a percentage of the amount you deposit. This means that there’s no fixed amount awarded, making it fairer for those who opt to deposit more than others. Whether you deposit £10 or £50, you’ll still receive the same percentage reward, though this works out as more in monetary terms if you spend more in the first place.

The percentage awarded is usually at least 100%, meaning that players get at least double the amount of deposited funds to play with. More often than not, players are rewarded with much more than this though. For example Wink Bingo offers players a 250% bonus whilst Bingo Hollywood offers players a cool 300% first deposit bonus.

Percentages are pretty easy to get to grips with, so it doesn’t take much maths to figure out just how much bonus you could receive. Say you deposit £10 to a site which is offering a 300% bonus, this means you’d have your original £10 to play with plus £30 in bonus funds, meaning there will be £40 in your account to enjoy. The £30 is 300% of £10, as 100% of £10 is £10, and then this multiplied by 3 gives the bonus amount.

Terms and conditions

As with any bonus awarded on any bingo site, there are specific terms and conditions which players should be aware of before depositing any cash. There’s nothing wrong with depositing to a site which claims to offer the best first deposit bingo bonus, but you should be aware of what happens after you receive the bonus. For example in most instances the bonus cash is not available to withdraw, you have to then spend it on site.

Once you spend on site, you might find yourself making a win on a bingo or slot game. Winnings made with your bonus are almost always subject to wagering requirements. These can sometimes be quite high – up to 30x in some instances – meaning that you’ll have to spend loads just to cash out your winnings from this bonus amount. Always be sure to check the small print as there are some sites which offer lower wagering requirements than others, meaning it might not be as costly to withdraw bonus winnings.

Sites with low wagering requirements

There are sites you can join which offer 1st deposit bonus bingo with low wagering requirements, making them a great choice for players. Here are some of the best:

Wink Bingo – Take advantage of a 250% first deposit bonus plus have a spin of the wheel for an additional bonus of up to £1,000

Glossy Bingo – All new players are welcomed to this site with a 250% first deposit bonus which comes with low wagering requirements.

Cheers Bingo – Newbies here get a 200% welcome bonus followed by a spin of the prize wheel where there’s up to £2,500 to be won.

Bingo Hollywood – Join Bingo Hollywood for a 500% welcome bonus which has relatively low wagering requirements attached. In fact low wagering requirements are applicable to most of the bonuses on this site.

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