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Fourth Mini Cooper giveaway at Wink Bingo

All bingo players out there; get ready to win a Mini Cooper. That’s right folks. If you play your cards just right, you can drive a brand new Mini Cooper as this is the fabulous New Year special prize that Wink Bingo has decided to give away at its site.

Wink Bingo, one of the most popular and leading bingo brands has come up with the perfect way to kick start your New Year – Win a Mini Cooper. If your old car is giving you problems, do not worry. Just a few more months to go and Wink Bingo will have a sparkling new vehicle lined up for you.

If you wish to win this game, make sure you are ready to play at Wink Bingo on January 01, 2012 at 08:00pm when the game is scheduled. Mind you, tickets are not cheap but it is the cheapest price at which you could get a brand new Mini Cooper– just £5 for one ticket.

You could save yourself a tidy sum in extra bingo tickets to this game if you strategize your bingo gaming sessions at wink bingo and earn ‘mini points’ that can be traded for free bingo tickets for this game. If you would like to know more about how to earn points, then read on.

Click a picture of your frayed old tyres in your old car and earn 100 points, or, write a fabulous reason on why you deserve to win this car and post it on Wink Bingo’s facebook wall. This will give you a total of 50 points. Keep in mind that both these options can only be used once, i.e. any Wink Bingo account holder can use these options only once and can only earn a total of 150 points through these options.

As you need a minimum of 500 mini points for one free bingo ticket to this fabulous game, you can earn the balance by simply playing bingo or instant games at this site. Win the MiniWink pattern games and you can earn 5 points. Wager £1 on either 75 ball bingo games or 90 ball bingo games and you increase your mini points tally by one point each. Alternately you can also choose to spend £20 on instant games in order to earn one point.

Collect your mini points and trade them for free bingo tickets. Needless to say, the more bingo and instant games you play for the rest of the year, the more chances you have to win free bingo tickets, which will in turn increase the odds of winning the Mini. That’s not all. Wink Bingo will also be giving out wild cards to this game over the next few weeks. You will of course, need to stay tuned to the site to grab them when that happens.

You can collect mini points till December 19, 2011. You can also further boost your chances by purchasing more than one ticket. A total of 48 tickets are permitted per account.

An interesting surprise in this promotion is that there is going to be no unpleasant surprises of multiple winners. Contrary to some of the fabulous bingo promotions that ultimately make multiple winners settle down for equal portions of cash alternatives of the prize, Wink Bingo will hold a face-off bingo match to settle the multiple winners quandary. So guys; this means that somebody will definitely drive away in a Mini Cooper very soon.

If you are yet to begin an account at this wonderful bingo site, do not tarry any longer. There is also the £25,000 Joy Pot, the fabulous bingo jackpot game, that is scheduled for the next weekend – Sunday, October 30. Just like the Mini Cooper cars, this will be the fourth time that Wink Bingo members get a chance to grab £25,000 in this year. Sign up with Wink Bingo and gear up for a £25k win.