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Free Bingo for the whole year at XBingo

XBingo is among the new bingo sites 2011 but it skyrocketed to fame with its fabulous monthly ‘Out of the World’ promotions which are truly out of this world. If you do not believe me, check out what xbingo has in store in January for bingo players – the chance to play free bingo worth £5 every single day for the whole year.

Yes, BingoX is soon set to overtake bingo sites 2012 with its fabulous promotion. It plans to credit £5 every single day for 365 days or possibly 366 days since this is a leap year in your bingo online account, if you emerge as the ultimate bingo winner of its Out Of The World game scheduled for January 29, 2012 at 09:30pm. Win this game and you can play bingo games for free for the whole year!!!

What’s the catch, you are thinking? Well, that is the best part. Apparently, there is no catch. Win this round and you can play online bingo at xbingo.co.uk with a free fiver every single day for the whole year and whatever you win with this bonus amount is yours to keep, no strings attached.

What’s more!! There are no rules and regulations on where you should be spending your free £5. You make the decision. So you can spend it either in the next upcoming big bingo promotions or in any of the bingo rooms and bingo jackpot games.

This is one bingo game that you shouldn’t miss. So, if you want to ensure your place in the game at xbingo.com, make sure you pre-buy your on line bingo tickets now. They are available for pre purchase at just 10p.

Even if you should buy out the maximum permissible number of tickets to this awesome bingo promotion, you will only be spending less than a tenner. So if you want to play online bingo for money, dig your hands into your pocket and make a beeline to this online bingo site where you can get free bingo money of £5 for a whole year for some free bingo games at one of the best online bingo sites.