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Gala Bingo declares winner of Ultimate Bingo Champion 2011

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More than six months later, Gala Bingo’s Ultimate Bingo Champion 2011 has finally been revealed in a final face off at Gibraltar to win the much desired  20,000.

The championship battle that lasted for six months began with around 60,000 competitors from Gala Bingo’s land based clubs as well as online members and included several rounds of eliminations and qualifying games to reach the final leg of the Championship Battle.

154 finalists were selected to play the final series in Gibraltar that eventually lead to the declaration of the winner. And the winner is Roy Stokes from Welling. 62 year old Stokes is a regular bingo player at the Gala Bingo Medway club.

The other finalists didn’t do too badly either as they did have a great rocking time in Gibraltar with a champagne reception, VIP dinner, special bingo games and a long list of entertainment activities that kept their spirits high, throughout the three days of the final round up games.

Of course, it definitely is Roy Stokes who had the ultimate gala time at Gala Bingo’s Ultimate Bingo Championship quest with a take home cash prize of a whopping £20,000 in addition to winning the much coveted title and a free trip to Las Vegas.

For us folks, it is time to look forward to the next Ultimate Bingo Champion Quest but that, if it has to happen can now take place only in the forthcoming year. So players at newest bingo sites; make sure you also sign up for an account at Gala Bingo in order to be able to participate in the Ultimate Bingo Champion 2012 series, if the site should have one.

You might want to sign up right away as there is another chance to pick up a massive £20,000 at this site in the £20k Boot Camp Bingo game that is scheduled for Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 09:30pm in Sharons Club.

If you have your eyes on the £20k reward money, then sign up at Gala Bingo today and play the boot camp qualifying games every Saturday and Sunday between 07:30pm to 10:30pm. You have until the 4th of December to win the full house in the Boot Camp Qualifiers special games and get 12 free tickets to the £20k Boot Camp game.