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Gala Bingo Site Move Has Disgruntled Players!

Gala Bingo has taken the plunge and has now moved from their standalone software into the virtue fusion bingo sites network but we are seeing some teething problems from the onset.

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If you take a look on their Facebook page you will see that there are a few problems.  They have announced they are working hard to resolve the glitches such as; screens freezing, chat being slow and player log in errors.   It looks like Gala Bingo may have to convince their users that the move was a good idea.

Some of the comments on their Face book page suggest that players aren’t impressed.  A few of the comments suggested that a player was ashamed that Gala had upgraded while another said “It looked like all the other cheap sites out there”!  One other comment that will really hit home concerning the loyalty bonus was “It is a waste of time and would seem to be a rip off”!  We don’t think this will be the case but time will tell if Gala can win those disgruntled players over.

Site changes are never easy and many roomies always seem to want their old bingo home back.  We have seen this many times before but once they get used to the new look many remain with the trusted bingo home. It’s always a very sad day when sites merge and things change but sometimes change can be to the benefit of the players.

Gala the UK’s biggest bingo brand will have to throw some big bonuses, top exclusive prizes, come up with NEW things that are different from all of the other online sites and show their current players that they aim to please them all.

As we said, it’s never easy with change because many people prefer their original bingo homes.   We will be keeping our eyes peeled on the outcome but we have no doubt that Gala Bingo have a tough job on their hands at this time!