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Gambling Addict Jailed After £68,903 Theft!

I am reading more and more each day about people who will do anything to feed their gambling habits and it’s sounding even sadder each time I read them.

A mother of 3 children has been sent to prison after been found guilty of taking £69,000 to help feed her online addiction. Michelle O had dwindled away £62,000 of the takings on gambling in a very short period of only 8 months the Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

Michelle O had taken the money from her employer and most of the cash was credited to her betting account, where she squandered the money at online gambling games, the prosecutor claimed.

The woman also dwindled £4,000 at a very popular online bingo site.  The thefts were uncovered when customs officers told her employers that their employees owed £16,000.

Michelle O was sacked as she hadn’t paid the bills and it was her job to see these tasks were completed. An extensive examination of the company had shown that Michelle O had pocketed £68,903 dating back from September 2010 and May 2011.