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Get a Mystery Prize at Sun Bingo

All the best UK bingo sites are celebrating the leap year with a new bingo promotion and Sun bingo is no exception! The new ‘Leap of Luck’ promo is taking inspiration from the extra day in February and handing out amazing mystery prizes. Just like a leap year doesn’t crop up very often neither do fantastic prize giveaways like this so make sure you are online to play! This will definitely one leap year you will remember if you win.

It’s not just one person who will be getting a mystery prize or even 2 players but every hour on the leap day itself there will be a lucky prize winner. On Wednesday 29th February between 9am and 9pm if you are playing in the Lolipop chat room the watch out for a winner chat message popping up. This way you will be leaping with joy too as there are prizes such as Sun Bingo t-shirts and even those sought after iPad2’s to win! If you don’t like mystery then you don’t have to choose the mystery sealed box you can also simply claim the cash prize offered to you.

If you are not signed up to this great new bingo site yet then stop the press get joining now! As well as this brilliant new bingo promotion there is a lovely 200% welcome bonus to enjoy so your first few bingo games at Sun Bingo will be on them! When you spend £10 this then means you have £30 to spend on all the fun online bingo games.