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Get Ready for Halloween with These Scary Slots!

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The month of October is upon us and we’re preparing for Halloween with some spooktacular slot games. If you’re ready to get in the spirit then join us as we check out the pinnacle of Halloween slots on our favourite bingo sites.

Best Sites for Creepy Slots

Get yourself over to the following bingo sites for a full selection of slot games, not just the creepy ones:

Wink Bingo – There’s no need to fear this friendly bingo site, as their chat hosts and helpers are more fun than spooky. When you use our special code, you’ll get a 500% bonus to play with here.

Cheers Bingo – If you’re a Halloween party goer then you’ll feel at home with this celebratory bingo site. Claim a 250% offer and spin the wheel for £5 to £2500 more!

Pop over to these bingo sites and look at their bonus policy for the full T&Cs of their offers.

Frighteningly Fun Games

If you like to give yourself a bit of a thrill, then you should play on these games this holiday season.


This vampire themed game certainly doesn’t suck, as it’s filled with bonus features and popular gameplay mechanics. The reels of this slot game are covered in many mythical characters; like corpse brides, queens and counts.


The terrifying bonus round of the Bloodsuckers slot will have you taking on these creatures like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Pick the coffins that you think contain the creatures and stake them to win a bigger stake. The round will keep going until you open up an empty coffin, its owner might just be coming for you!

The Zombies

The Zombies slot game revolves around a picture perfect family of ferocious creatures. This super-sized slot game has two spin functions, the easy spin and the power one – the latter makes the game turn into a much spookier slot. The easy spin bags you smaller wins and the power spin gets you bigger, less frequent wins.


When you trigger the bonus features of this game, you’ll be able to either take a trip to the zombie party or enter free spins. Both of these bonus rounds are helpful for those on the hunt for jackpots, all you have to do is be brave enough to try the game out. This is a pretty quirky slot game with lots of flexibility for players that want to become part of the zombie family.

Strange but True?

To go along with these spooky themed games, we have a few stranger than fiction facts about their subjects for you:

  • The idea that we have of zombies comes from a book about Haiti called The Magic Island, which was published way back in 1929. This book used source material from native rituals but added in the idea that the Voodoo magic could bring the dead back to life as zombies.
  • People from the Balkans once believed that if a pumpkin or gourd was left outside for a long time after picking, it would be infected with vampirism.
  • A weird disease called porphyria has some similarities to vampirism, as it makes its host afraid of sunlight, paranoia and makes them prone to attacking others.

Get yourself over to one of our suggested sites and start creeping yourself out with these slots. You might be in for a trick or a treat when you do!

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