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Grab a share of £1500 – 100% risk free

Is your bingo budget a little tight this festive season? Then how would you like to play risk free bingo games? Technically, free bingo games are risk free but usually the payouts are less but now you have the chance to grab a share of an unbelievable £1500, absolutely risk free at Bingo Street, Posh Bingo, Tasty Bingo Wink Bingo and Red Bus Bingo.

Today begins the risk free bingo sessions and new bingo site Bingo Street will launch this series. With just 1p tickets at Street Bingo, you can win £100. To play this game you have to sign up with Bingo Street before 10:00pm today as that is when the game is scheduled.

This is of course, just the start. Sign up in all the other Joy Of Bingo sites and log in every day in the respective bingo sites for your risk free games. Here is what the schedule looks like.

Bingo Site Date Ticket cost and Prizes
Bingo Street December 26 1p tickets and prize pool £100
Tasty Bingo December 27 2p tickets and prize pool £200
RedBus Bingo December 28 3p tickets and prize pool £300
Posh Bingo December 29 4p tickets and prize pool £400
Wink Bingo December 30 5p tickets and prize pool £500

So sign up today for the first of the risk-free bingo games and either win something or get your cash back totally. Of course, there are conditions on the cash back.

To get back 100% cash back on your losses, you must have purchased bingo tickets to all the five risk free special games at the Joy Of Bingo network sites and have not had any winnings.

If you play in just one site you get up to 10% cash back. If you play in two sites, you are entitled to 25% cash back bonus and should you have tickets for the games in three or four bingo sites, then you can get 50% and 75% cash back on the tickets purchased by you if you do not win anything. If you want to play a 100% risk free game, then make sure you are having tickets to all the five sessions of risk free games.