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Higher Welcome Bonus for Sing Bingo members

There are plenty of new things at Sing Bingo. While this top bingo site has recently revamped its site, to make it look like an entirely new bingo site, there are many other changes at the site, which will make it an instant hit with bingo players in UK.

The new offers include a whopping welcome bonus. Sing Bingo has upped its earlier first deposit bonus to 350%, thus fattening your bingo credit by three and half times more. For instance, if you were to make a first time deposit of £10, Sing Bingo will add another £35 to your account giving you a grand £45 to play with. A 350% first deposit is definitely one of the topmost deposit bonuses that is currently available in any of the top bingo sites.

While the site is already enjoying immense popularity, it is sure to hit the right cord with musically inclined bingo players with their spread of prizes related to music, such as signed photos from top favorite bands, signed guitars from World legends as well as platinum signed disks.

These special prizes can be bagged when you play at the TFI Friday at 09:00pm. Tickets are available for pre- purchase. The games are reasonably priced at just 10p but prizes are amazing such as the Radio and iPod dock that is coming up on the 29th of July.

Don’t forget, Sing Bingo is also one of the popular free bingo sites, offering free bingo 24/7 with absolutely no strings attached. In addition, were you to make a deposit you can also find free entry to the depositor special games.

First time depositors can play at the Make Your Debut room and participate in the hourly bingo game for a prize of £15, while redepositors, along with their 50% reload bonus can aim for the £10 bingo winnings in the Reload Tour that takes place every forty minutes.

So enjoy yourself at Sing Bingo and make your debut here.