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Hop on the Romance Bus and Head to Bingo Street

Jump on the bus and head for Bingo Street’s Road to Romance bingo promotion, it’s time to blow up those balloons and pop the Notebook on the TV; it’s time for some loving! This promotion is there for the taking and plays out on 11th February, so make sure you’re seated comfortably at 8pm as it plays right through until Midnight. Since this is the new UK bingo sites very first Valentine’s Day they are making it extra special and treating you lovely players to some sloppiness that you deserve.

These chat games are just want the romance Doctor ordered, they are set to get you right in the mood for some slow dancing but don’t worry there won’t be any sign of Lionel Richie, it’s the cool new tunes that you can listen too. You can get your hands on some delicious chocolates, vouchers for some serious shopping and there are thousands of joy points up for grabs, there is also £400 cash! If you are the player who wagers the most on these exciting games across all the Joy of Bingo sites (Wink, Posh, Tasty, Red Bus and of course our favourite Bingo Street) You will automatically win this very helpful sum of cash!

If you aren’t already a member at Bingo Street then what are you waiting for? As soon as you deposit as little as £5 the free bingo site will give you a lovely welcome bonus and match that by 350%! Brilliant! Then you can shake their special sign post and win up to £5! Get your glad rags on and go have a slushy party with your favourite bingo buddies in time for valentine’s Day, a good gossip and moan about your other half is on the cards too, it’s not just the winning after all, it’s also the taking part!