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Sun Bingo Adds Sparkle To The Times We Play Bingo

As many of us know breakfast time isn’t always a good time for bingo players to join in on some games because or various reasons but at Sun Bingo they have made things a little different from other online sites around today.

They have opened up a new bingo club that everyone can enjoy it’s called Breakfast Club. The games kick off between 7.00am and 9.00am every single morning. The games offer value for money and even offer EXTRA prizes such as Holidays to Bed and Breakfast places in the United Kingdom. You can pick up some chat bonuses too because you will be met with some very professional and friendly hosts who will have LOADS of chat games for you to enjoy! Read more about great UK bingo sites.

Some of The Breakfast Clubs BEST Offers

  • Reward Scheme –  Earn reward points and exchange them for awesome shopping vouchers and you could win as much as £100.00 to spend in the shop of your choice!
  • Value for money bingo games
  •  Trips to B&B’s PLUS other great prizes
  • The club will be live until 18th November 2012 and basically, play tons of games and this will earn you more reward points. What do points make? PRIZES!!!! (Yeah!)

    Change Dinner Time And Share £5k

It’s not just breakfast time that’s an awkward time for some users to join in with the game but it can be relatively quiet between 5.00pm and 6.00pm because most people have their dinner at these times and yet again The Sun Bingo have come up with another idea to make roomies think about re-arranging their schedules lol!

Between 5.00pm and 6.00pm there will be £5,000 up for grabs in cash bingo games.The payouts will run for just one hour and these will be linked cash games. The games are heard to be fast and will be around thirteen linked games, ten of the games will pay out £250.00 for the full house games and THREE full houses will pay out £350.00 each! Whoop! Sun bingo is one of many bingo games you can play on your ipad.

We would certainly give Sun Bingo a try at the times stated above because it’s a lot of money and some great prizes are up for grabs. Given that the rooms might not be that busy at first, can only mean a bigger chance for you!

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